Friday 1 April 2016

Bedwetting - Dryness Due to Dehydration is Not Healthy

A nine year-old boy was referred for bedwetting. He wet every night.

The only time the boy had ever had a dry night was during a trip with some cousins. His cousins were mean-spirited and they teased him about the bedwetting. The boy felt terrible about the teasing. He decided on his own to stop drinking at 4 PM and this allowed dryness for the last four nights of the trip.

Dryness due to dehydration was an acceptable temporary solution for this boy. I don't blame him for doing what he could to stop the teasing and to bolster his self esteem.

However, dryness due to dehydration is not the right solution.

Hydration is an important fundamental of good health. One of the major goals in my clinic is dryness with the ability to drink as much as desired in the evening.

My goal is always HEALTHY DRYNESS.

My hydration recommendations for children who wet the bed are to drink at least one ounce per year of age in the evening hours before bed. Children should hydrate well early in the day. I recommend that children wake up and catch up with their daily hydration by drinking 40% of their daily needs before lunch (about 20 ounces in an early elementary school-aged child). 

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